Safety First: Leading the Charge in Child Bike Seat Safety

At Kids Ride Shotgun, we're passionate about creating safe and engaging mountain biking experiences for families. As parents and mountain bikers ourselves, we understand the joy of riding, but even more so of sharing that experience with our little ones. That’s why we're dedicated to ensuring that every ride is as safe as it is fun. 

With our commitment to continuous improvement – we’re not only making our products safer, but also leading the charge for a safer category all round, no matter who’s child seat you’re using. Read on for updates on our progress: 



2024 - Pioneering Industry Standards

We're thrilled to announce that after a year or more of collaboration with the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM), they have published their new F3641 standard. This voluntary standard sets essential criteria for front-mounted bicycle child carriers for children weighing between 12kg and 27kg.

Previously, there was no specific standard for front-mounted child bike seats, resulting in a market flooded with low-quality imitations of legitimate products like our Shotgun seats. The introduction of ASTM F3641 marks a significant step forward in making our industry safer, helping consumers identify products that meet critical safety requirements and reducing the risk posed by inferior copies.

Creating the ASTM F3641 standard isn't just about setting guidelines though — it's about leading the charge for safer, more reliable gear in the mountain biking community. By aligning with this standard, we're not only improving our products but also raising the bar for the entire industry, making it safer for mountain biking families to share the joys of riding with their kids.

You’ll be pleased to hear that our Shotgun combo products (shotgun, 2.0 & Pro) already comply with the new standard, so you can choose Kids Ride Shotgun with confidence. 

2023 - Rigorous Independent Safety Testing

We take safety seriously, which is why all of our products now undergo rigorous independent safety testing with TÜV SÜD. TÜV SÜD is renowned for maintaining the highest industry standards, and their inspectors are not only accredited to ISO/IEC 17020:2012 but are also technical experts with extensive industry experience. Each Kids Ride Shotgun product batch is subjected to Final Random Inspection (FRI) to ensure that every seat meets our stringent safety criteria before it reaches your hands.

2022 - Above and Beyond Warranty

At Kids Ride Shotgun, we stand behind the quality and safety of our products. That’s why we offer industry-standard or above warranty periods on all our products. We believe in the durability and safety of our bike seats and accessories, and we want you to feel confident in your purchase.